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Ezypod's Frequently Asked Questions

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The base of the Ezypod pedestal has been designed to be removed, allowing the pod to be pushed up into the corner. You do not need to cut the pod.

The Ezypod system has been load tested to 2,300kgs in an Australian NATA certified laboratory.

Concrete substrates will achieve the best result.

Tiles (min 20mm engineered porcelain), stone, marble, granite, travertine, prefabricated concrete, timber decking.

Do not use the Ezypod upside down.

Although it is not a requirement, we recommend using the wind plugs to stop the potential for wind to lift up your pavers.

Hold the pedestal in one hand, turn the base anti-clockwise until it unlocks from the base, take off the base from the pedestal, place the Extender into the base and turn the Extender clockwise until it locks into position. Finally, place the pedestal on the top of the Extender and turn it clockwise until it locks in position.

The Slope Adjuster has a gradient to correct the substrate or concrete base falls. Attach the Slope Adjuster to the base of the pedestal and fit into the allocated spaces under the base. To increase the slope correction add another Slope Adjuster as needed. The Slope Adjusters are designed to be stacked together as required to correct the fall.